Specialty Rentals

Specialty Lighting Rentals

(All Rentals Include Delivery & Setup)


1.Full Room Uplighting:Includes~15Par 64 L.E.D.-$475.00

2.Name Gobos-Stock & Custom--------------------$195.00

3.Par 64 L.E.D Uplight (per 1)------------------$37.50

4.Extension Stand W/L.E.D Mounted (per 1)----$80.00

5.Atmosperic Lasers (per 1)---------------------$45.00

6.Moving Wall Murals (Full Effect)--------------$295.00

7.Water Flowing Effect (per 1)------------------$45.00

8.Table Pinspot-----(pinspots)----------call for quote

9.Ceiling Atmospheres---------------------------$325.00

10.4 Wall Complete Draping with Full Uplights-call for quote, price may vary per room size.

11.Spot Light For Grand Entrance & First Dance--$100.00

LCD's/Slide Shows/ Projector Rentals

(All Rentals Include Delivery & Setup/Removal)


1.-Professional Slide Show Creation W/O Other Services--$100.00

2.-Slide Show Creation & Projector Rental W/O Other Services--$325.00

3.-Projector & 6 x 8 Screen Rental W/O Other Services $285.00

4.-55" LCD's (per 1)---W/O Other Services--------------$175.00

5.-55"LCD Mounted on 8' Chrome Trussing W/O Other Services $250.00

6.-42" LCD's (per 1) W/O Other Services-----------------$150.00

7.-42" LCD Mounted on 8' Chrome Trussing W/O Other Services$235.00

Chair Covers

(Includes Installation & Removal)


1.Spandex Chair Cover w/Sash(each)---$3.25

Bundled with another service $3.00 each.

Pipe & Drape For Trade Shows & Events

(Installation & Removal Included)


1.-8'wide x 3' high (per section)-----$70.00

2.-8'wide x 7' high (per section)-----$125.00

3.-8'wide x 10'high (per section)-----$175.00

(Each 8'section dicounted for utilizing more than 3 sections & beyond).

Ceremony Audio Rentals

(Installation & Removal Included)


(Prices are lowered when used in conjunction with

R&S Entertainment DJ/MC Services).

1.Complete Audio Sound System---------$200.00

2.Lapel Microphones Wireless (per 1)----$85.00

3.Podiums (per 1)-----------------------------$115.00

4.48" Pedestals (per 2)----------------------$125.00

5.Sound Tech Rental (up to 2hr.)--------$175.00

Dance Floor Low Lying Fog Effect


(Like Dancing On A Cloud-New 2013)

1.-First Dance Only---------$295.00

2.-First Dance & One Other--$375.00

Low Lying Fog Effect Samples...


R&S Entertainment Red Carpet Treatment.jpg

Want a Red Carpet experience like the Movie Stars at the Oscars? Let R&S Entertainment The Wedding Event Company setup your personalized photo backdrop for your guest pictures. Let guest take pictures in front of the Red Carpet or utilize our professional photography and our professional online gallery for your photos with the R&S Entertainment Red Carpet.

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